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April 17, 2009

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Spring Launch Party…

April 13, 2009


Scottish Punishment…

April 7, 2009





34% God…

April 6, 2009


Tiger Changed Nothing…

April 2, 2009

For two black golfers, path to PGA tour is rocky


Tiger Woods’ phenomenal rise and accomplishments seemed destined to lead to a wave of talented minority golfers, a new generation topping leaderboards throughout the country.

As we’ve posted before… this is a bullshit statement, and the white man’s dream to wash themselves of the guilty feelings.

Where did the logic in the above quote come from? If the best golf player is African American, then more African Americans will play the game? Well the dire truth is…. Tiger Woods is the ONLY black player on the PGA tour. The real reason there are no black golfers is because the separation between rich and poor is widening. Let’s face it… golf is an expensive sport and people who are under privileged have no chance in hell to pick up the game. Sure they’ll be the odd kid who somehow manages to get a lift to the local public course, but a $60 green fee for some people is no shrapnel in the pocket.

The average white man can’t handle Crusha on the course… 6’7″ and 330lbs of Shabazz

Meanwhile, as with many players of all racial backgrounds, O’Neal and Reed have struggled with the need for sponsorships, coaching and money as they fight to earn a tour card. In a nation where whites’ household median income is $21,000 more than blacks, both O’Neal and Reed think just keeping financially afloat is a major barrier to minority players.

Read this article to get the full extent of why there are no blacks on the courses.

Whiskey Tango…

April 1, 2009

A week or two ago while doing work in my studio I noticed a black cloud of smoke wafting through the air. I quickly grabbed my camera and Solo and slowly made my way towards what we believed to be a house fire. The time was 3:30 in the afternoon. Once we got close to the scene we started noticing the residents of the neighbourhood coming out of their houses and moving towards the entertainment excitement, but something was different. The first thing my brain said was “Why the fuck are there so many people out… Is this not a weekday?” The second thing I noticed was the smell of booze off most of these residents and the fact several of them were wearing housecoats. Did I mention it was 3:30 in the afternoon. The closer we got to the house fire the more people I noticed. It seemed you could have filmed a hip-hop video using these people as the backdrop. I counted 10 pitbulls with studded collars, and their owners wore the typical “nighty” oversized t-shirt with flat brimmed hat. We had ventured into the Land Where Stereotypes Are Alive. The neighbourhood has always had this reputation but 15 years ago, it wasn’t hip-hop white trash. It was head banger white-trash (10 speed bikes, handlebar mustaches, doing knives…). I always make jokes about this neighbourhood because of it’s reputation, but on this day the rep became reality.






The Hate Is Made…

March 30, 2009



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